Assertivedecisions result in objectivity and generate economicity.

About us

Research and innovation business with focus in delivery of decision supporting indicators created by observation of the institucional ecossistem, correlation and interdependency, showing clearly the institutional impact caused by risk-originated harm.

Our history

DMI is the result of a demand of the market for use of Risk, Capacity and Sustentation based Indicators for Decision Making Suppor IATD/RCS methodology.
In 2015, after great demand from public and private organizations, the DMI was created and an alternative for the delivery of objective and realist vision of a set of organizational processes seen until then separately and independently.
With analysis and corporative infrastructure especification projects and development of decision making and risk management methodologies, we demonstrate the economicity for institutional investments through decision indicators based on multivariables and an integrated view of the institutional ecossistem.
In our partnership with UnB (University of Brasilia), the method has been applied in the strategic planning of the Departamento de Ciências da Computação (Computing Sciences Department), in which all the planning was developed and instrumentalized by the PlanEst Module of our corporative management system.
Strongly attached to the observation of institutional risk management, DMI means quality, objectivity and exclusive products delivery.

Our abilities

Focus on results100%
Business strategy100%
Economicity searching100%
Colaborative development100%
Risk assessment100%
Institutional limitations assessment100%
Impact assessment100%
Decision indicators dashboards100%
Institutional ecossystem assessment100%

Our services

A bit of what we already did for our clients.

Support indicators for decision making

The focus of our business, through our methodology we support institutions in the building of their indicators watching their risks, attendance capacity and the sustaining of their businesses.

Information security

We support several institutions on the building and institutionalization of their information security infrastructures.

Risk Management

We are responsible for the development and institutionalization of risk management methodologies and also of several institutional risk managing actions.

Business continuity

With our methodology we demonstrate how institutions could develop their own processes of business continuity in a way that is clear, objective, practicable and with economicity.


Each organization is unique and its products should reflect that feature. For each product developed, we search for organizational specificity, their technical, human and budget limitations, and for the relevant products, economicity.

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